Doctor Who?

As is my legal obligation as a stutterer, I saw The King’s Speech when it came out in 2010 and it got me thinking. First about how I need to get Pride and Prejudice on DVD because, duh, and second about the differences between social awareness, and the availability of social services for stuttering/stammering around the world. If you live in a non-American country*, would you mind shooting me an email at (or leaving a comment) here regarding:

1) If you were the only person you knew who stuttered/stammered growing up

2) If other people were familiar with what stuttering is (public awareness) and what people’s general reactions are

3) What sort of treatment is offerred to you as part of your health care system and/or the availability of private treatment opportunities

Thank you!

*As an American, I am of course only now finding out that other countries exist. Of course, as a Californian, it was also news to me that there were other states. Also I apologize if you’re Canadian or Mexican and are all “hey, Canada/Mexico is in NORTH AMERICA you dummy”. You make a valid point. I guess I mean a non United States of American country, which is term that I just made up.


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