It’s not all fun and games and it’s also not all…the opposite of that

I said I’d post tomorrow…looks like I lied (but in a good way). 



I’m just starting out on my adventure into meeting and interacting with other people who stutter, and as as millennial (I think?) of course the first place I’m going to start is the Internet. The first thing I’ve noticed is how much of a bummer everyone thinks being a stutterer is. Now, I’ve known this since I was a little stutterlet and believe me- BELIEVE ME- I am not the kind of person to sigh, roll her eyes and say “not everything has to be so NEGATIVE.” In truth, I’m generally the person who sees the glass half empty and thinks that it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s milk and I’m lactose intolerant and the last half is usually backwash anyway and…ugh. 

But. I am a strong believer in the idea that if we don’t find things to laugh about then we’re really screwed. And so this is my challenge to myself: I don’t have to like my stutter (and seriously, if you do- what the hell is wrong with you?) and I don’t have to even look on the bright side (hey, it’s made me a better, more compassionate person!), but this this isn’t going away and maybe I need to try to look on the lighter side. Anyone with tips on how to go about doing this? 


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