Inaugural Post

Well hello there. Or not, actually, as there is no one who (that?) actually follows me at the moment. So hello to the void. I promise, dear void, that soon this will be some combination of entertaining, honest, and…I can’t think of a third, and to be honest (see?) I sort of hate what I’ve already written. Off to a great start! Let’s start with who I am, shall we?

I’m one of those horrible twentysomethings and I live in Washington, DC (though I’m originally from the best west coast). I stutter and I guess that’s going to be the focus of this tumblr, but in the interest of not making it ALL about that, I may also from time to time post about any combination of my other hobbies: surfing, the ocean, gymnastics, Arrested Development, Doctor Who, dogs in funny outfits, other topics to be named at a later date.

I overuse parentheticals (hi!) and have a tendency to ramble. The shortest distance between me and an “awwwwww” is a photo of interspecies friendships.

I started this blog not only to write about myself and my stuttering, but also to reach out and meet other people who stutter so please, PLEASE don’t hesitate to say hello, ask a question, or just tell me how much you hate my blog layout, etc.

More tomorrow.


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